World largest medical glove producer deploys PeopleHCM Suite
World largest medical glove producer deploys PeopleHCM Suite

After the successfully roll out of Core HR (Phase 1) in year 2018 for one of the largest medical glove producers at its two manufacturing plant in Senawang Industrial estate, Negeri Sembilan, once again vData did secured the contract to deploy its PeopleHCM Suite for Phase 2.

The implementation helps to automate and simplify the operational tedious process with e-Attendance & e-Overtime for 1500+ workforce especially eliminate abuse overtime claims and odd clocking issue.

Challenges that Manufacturer encountered:
Multiple work shift patterns
X Production having staff shortage due to no leave count control.
X Tedious processing of paper forms for leave and overtime claim.
X Staff need to work multiple cost centers in one day and payroll cost need to charged belongs to working cost center with time period.
X Manual calculations of daily based allowances.
X High risk on abuse overtime claims without process control.
Manual tracking of overtime hours to replacement leave hours,
X Reports need to be prepared and sent manually.
X Non centrelise of Attandance verification across two plants. 


PeopleHCM resolved user challenges as following:
 Online staff rostering with flexible shift hours by supervisors
✔ Online pre-overtime planning with approval workflow to minimize abuse claims & paper processing.

✔ Online leave and overtime planning and approval to minimize paper processing
 Auto work and OT hours calculation as well as daily based allowance .
 Automate conversion of overtime to replacement leave hours
 Automate work and lost hours calculations from attendance device.
 Integrated payroll to ensure all leave and attendance transactions are proceed without tedious XLS uploads.
 User definable approval workflow control that ready with date sensitive and position sensitive.
 Built in 20+ management dashboards that support data filters and drill down features for better business analytics.
 Business intelligent tool support single point-in-time and multiple point-in-time for accurate reporting.
 Powerful end user reporting with include/exclude filters, integrated charts and report linking capabilities.
 End user configurable report delivery with secured attachments via email server.

This project proved that the customer is satisfied with the trustworthy on vData’s solutions and services. It serve as a strong testament for vData committed to provide high quality of solutions and services for all customers.

Published : 28-Aug-2019

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